Let's Move

by House of Soul

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On their debut album, DC's six-piece House of Soul's draws on influences like Jamiroquai, Incognito and Louis Vega, blending funk, soul and house into the kind of groovy, uplifting tracks you might hear a DJ spin at 2 in the morning at a loft party.


released September 10, 2011

Vocals -- Rochelle Rice
Guitar -- Jon Rogerson
Keys -- Jon Ozment, Nicholas Mack
Bass -- Matt Grason
Drums -- Charles Ostle
Percussion -- Josh Kay

Sax -- Jon Irabagon
Trumpet -- Joe Herrera
Triangle -- Adrian Deveny

Producer -- Matt Grason
Recorded at Airshow Mastering, Takoma Park, December 2010
Tracking engineer -- Frank Marchand
Mixing engineer -- Frank Cueto
Mastering engineer -- Charlie Pilzer
Graphic design -- Dionna Dorsey Design
Photography -- Mouhamad Alem



all rights reserved


House of Soul Washington D.C., D.C.

Live without a laptop, Washington D.C.'s House of Soul plays organic dance music, seamlessly fusing the entrancing sets of an underground club DJ with the stirring sounds of live master performers. The six-piece band weaves improvised grooves, "remixes" of classic selections, and original tunes into non-stop sets that keep devoted dancers sweating. ... more

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Track Name: Every Day
Daybreak, awake, sunlight fills my room
So grateful for a chance to make the world anew
Time to make a change, you know its overdue
Every Day, I give thanks for the new day I can make my own

On past mistakes and lies and pain
No need to dwell on things I know that I can’t change
I’ll just keep positive my life I’ll rearrange
Every Day, I give thanks that I can leave that all behind me

Every Day, Every Day, Every Day, Every Day

Why’m I so blessed with opportunity
How can I have so much when others steal to eat
I’ll use what I get to lift those up in need
Every Day I give thanks that I can share what I’ve been given

Reminded life goes by so fast
Nothing is promised each day could be my last
What will I leave behind when my time has past
Every Day, I give thanks oh I can make the world brighter

Track Name: Choices
I want you.
C’mon tell me what you wanna do.
Choices aren’t mine.
Hoping that you stay dear.
I give in.
One touch leaves me powerless.
Choices are yours.
Helpless without you.

Is this it?
The love I’ve been searching for.
Voices inside.
Tell me it’s you.
How far will we take our love?
Choices are yours.
Can’t we be together?

No matter what you choose, I’ll never be the same.
I won’t forget your face, your smile, that profile.
But, if you choose me, you’ll have me completely ‘till this world falls away.
Please know I need you, to have you, don’t lose me, confuse me
Baby love me please.

I’ve found it,
The love I’ve been searching for.
Voices in side,
Tell me it’s you.
I want you.
Please tell me that you want me too.
Choices aren’t mine.
Choices are yours.
Track Name: Forever Be Free
I’m alone. You’re not calling.
How am I’m ‘sposed to know you’re ok.
Still awake. Maybe crying.
Staring silent at the moon.

Pay attention…to me.
Pay attention…cuz I’ll leave and you’ll Forever Be Free.
Pay attention…to me.
Pay attention…or I’ll leave then you’ll Forever Be Free.

Away. Is where you push me when you go to that place deep inside your thoughts.
I’m calling out to you awfully loud but baby you don’t hear me.
How can two be one when I don’t even know you and I’m done.
I’m walking out.
Maybe we could up and go away reverse back to beginning.
Maybe I could up and run away.

[chorus 2x]
Track Name: Anything But Ordinary
Across the room you catch my eye
Can’t help it, you make me smile.
But you look down I wonder why.
With eyes like that, why be shy?

Soft spoken, you dress so plain.
Understated no vain.
Quiet allure I can’t explain.
You’re far too cute to be mundane.

‘Cause oh, with my eyes I see,
You’re Anything But Ordinary.

Got ideas, but you don’t share.
You think no one would care.
Just say ‘em loud let people stare.
I can tell you’re going somewhere.


I know that guys are slow sometimes I guess, but I can’t be more obvious
C’mon can’t you see.
Just meet me half-way you won’t be denied please leave me with a little pride.
Is it worse to get shot down or never play the game?

Take a chance I won’t play games.
Get brave, ask me my name.
Don’t be afraid I’ll turn away.
Your life won’t be the same.

Track Name: Push It
Hey mister, standing on the wall,
Eyes on me let me catch my breath.
I’m waiting and you’re much too shy,
Just push it c’mon and push it.

Hey mister, standing on the wall,
Eyes on me, I’m available and ready.
Buy another drink, and one for me.
You’re too cool. Must be used to chicks that chase you,
And that’s not my style.
Cuz we step out in our high heeled shoes, and a slim fit dress waitin’ to be taken.
Never have I encountered one who broke those rules, standin’ way across the bar like he’s really shaken.

They say good things must come to those who wait.
(Just push it baby, c’mon push it baby, push it.)
But good guys hardly ever win the race.
(Just push it baby, c’mon push it baby. Let’s just)
Push (ha) Push (ha) Push (ha) Push
Push (ha) Push (ha) Push (ha) Push

Been hopin’ for a chance to go out all night,
Take a break from all that’s in life,
And just dance the night away.
And now I’m looking across the room at you, and wand’rin’ what you’re thinking.
Wishing that you would just come through, just take a chance and push it.
Not really tryna to be too fast, just hoping that you want me.
Come a lil closer I won’t laugh. I’m sure you won’t be sorry.


I’m not used to having to go on and force the hand.
I’m too cute to have to play the man.
This is something you should wanna jump on.
Hesitatin’ never helped anyone win prize.
And I’m sure you’ll be alone tonight.
It’s a shame cuz I’ve been way to bold.

Track Name: Day Gig Blues
Wake from electric dreams, the alarm clock screams:
“Welcome to reality.”
Paste a smile on my face, got no time to waste,
Walk past my guitar grab my suitcase.
Then it’s off to work, feelin’ like a jerk,
Wond’rin’ how I settled for this.
Grind 8 to 6 most days, the rest I’m in a haze,
Searching for inspiration.

Same for walls everyday there’s got to be a better way.
Where has all this got us anyway?
Well, we all pay our dues, we’re all bein’ used.
Heard they called this Day Gig Blues.

Got a lifetime of loans, a home I barely own,
Sell my soul for security.
Heard this was my dream don’t know what they mean,
Thought I’d move behinds for a living.
Wanna go out all night, dance ‘til daylight,
Shake while this body can move.
Work like a dog instead, try to get ahead,
Retire to debts and regrets.

Would someone tell me how does this make the world a better place?
Fear and greed feeding on hopes and dreams.
Ah, but this isn’t the news, we’re all being used.
Can’t help but have the Day Gig Blues.

Don’t you think its greed, gon’ help those in need.
Not here to make some old men rich.
Got to do what’s right, go home every night,
Rest my head soul satisfied.
Tell me why you know what’s best, you sound like the rest,
Talkin’ loud ain’t sayin’ nothing.
People in a world of pain, can’t you please explain,
Can we work together without losing faith?

I got so much love to give, gonna make this world worth living in.
When I find that thing that makes me wanna say.
Hey, finely the life I choose, I’ve found my muse.
Finally lost those Day Gig Blues.
Got nothin’ to lose, I know I’m being used,
You know I have those Day Gig Blues.
Track Name: Waiting
Slow down, don’t reach out.
Don’t do something we can’t undo.
Let’s talk this out, lets make a plan.
This time we’re gonna do like grown ups do.

I’d moved on, now you’re back,
Don’t think my friends would understand.
The only thing stronger than the need to hide this,
Is feeling we’ll lose what might have been.

Still I’m Waiting to take your hand.
You know we can’t just be friends.
Let’s give it another chance.
Please say “yeah” lets start again.

If you told me you’d stay dear,
I’d give you love until the end.
You fooled me once, damn it’s a shame.
You gonna make the same mistake again?

It’s the Waiting that I can’t stand.
I won’t fake it, I won’t pretend.
Let’s give it another chance.
Please say “yeah” lets start again.
Track Name: Now That You See Me
I sing this tune,
No matter what I think of you.
And even if you want me to,
I know its gonna be all right.
In this life we all know,
That it will, be all right.

Now That You See Me, see me.
Now that you feel me, feel me.
Now that you hear me, hear me.
Why don’t you tell me, tell me.

There are times,
When you and me don’t seem to rhyme,
And when I stand in front of you,
You see right through me like thin air.
There are times when I know,
That you will see me now.

Now that you see me. See me
Now that you feel me. Feel me
Now that you hear me. Hear me
Why don’t you tell me. Tell me

Now that you,
Now that you see me.
[again and again]